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What is SSH & How to use SSH to login to remote host

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It’s more secure way to connect to a remote system. SSH used public key- private key pair combination to login. You can also use password authentication too for login to remote server using SSH.

Let me clear few misscoception about SSH step by step.

What is SSH?

SSH(Secure Shell) is a network protocol to connect to a remote comuputer securely over a unsecure network. Its provide a extra layer of security so that your connection to remote host remain secure.

What is port number of SSH?

The default port number of SSH is 22. But this can be changed to other number. If there is no port number is mentioned then we assume it is 22.

How to login to SSH?

SSH is based on client-server architecture. So, for login to SSH you need a SSH client. Login from linux system is easy, you open the terminal and enter the SSH command. Login from windows is a bit tricky. You have to use a SSH client like Putyy or Bitwise SSH client.

Now you may have a basic idea of Secure Shell(SSH). Let’s dive in the world of linux and start experimenting. In next posts I will write about command to login to SSH and doing file manupulation and other system work.

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adminWhat is SSH & How to use SSH to login to remote host