How to reveal password hidden as asterisk in Google Chrome

As a web developer I have to manage many login details of  websites, web servers, email accounts etc. It’s hard to remember all these secure alphanumeric passwords.  In this post I will show a method to reveal password hidden as asterisk in Google Chrome.

Google chrome saves the passwords and when you visit the login page it Auto fill login in login fields. Its great. But when you need to use the password on some other places, It’s not let you do. It hides password behind asterisk.

To view the password either need to go to chrome://settings/passwords  or use inspect element of Chrome build in developer tool.

So, How to reveal the password easily?

All you need to do is.. Install  Password Revealer  extension of chrome. Once installed, an icon will appear next to chrome search bar. Click on that icon when you are on login page and Boom!

By using this method one can easily reveal password hidden behind asterisk. canada goose damen canada goose damen

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