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  • What is SSH & How to use SSH to login to remote host

    SSH stands for Secure Shell. It’s more secure way to connect to a remote system. SSH used public key- private key pair combination to login. You can also use password authentication too for login to remote server using SSH.

    Let me clear few misscoception about SSH step by step.

    What is SSH?

    SSH(Secure Shell) is a network protocol to connect to a remote comuputer securely over a unsecure network. Its provide a extra layer of security so that your connection to remote host remain secure.

    What is port number of SSH?

    The default port number of SSH is 22. But this can be changed to other number. If there is no port number is mentioned then we assume it is 22.

    How to login to SSH?

    SSH is based on client-server architecture. So, for login to SSH you need a SSH client. Login from linux system is easy, you open the terminal and enter the SSH command. Login from windows is a bit tricky. You have to use a SSH client like Putyy or Bitwise SSH client.

    Now you may have a basic idea of Secure Shell(SSH). Let’s dive in the world of linux and start experimenting. In next posts I will write about command to login to SSH and doing file manupulation and other system work.

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    adminWhat is SSH & How to use SSH to login to remote host
  • How to Enable Root Login to Google Cloud vis SSH

    To enable Root Login to Google Cloud, Please follow these instructions.

    Open SSH configuration file

    nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    Enable Root login and Password Authentication.

    PermitRootLogin yes 
    PasswordAuthentication yes

    Restart SSH server

    systemctl restart sshd

    Set root password if not set already

     passwd root 
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    adminHow to Enable Root Login to Google Cloud vis SSH
  • Security and maintenance release WordPress 4.9.2 is out

    Security and Maintenance release WordPress 4.9.2 is available now.  Many security issues and bugs have been fixed in this release. Its highly encouraged to upgrade to new version.

    WordPress 4.9.2 contains a total of 21 bug fixes.

    An XSS vulnerability and bugs in Twenty Seventeen, Customizer, Database, Editor, Media, REST API, Taxonomy and Widgets have been fixed.

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    adminSecurity and maintenance release WordPress 4.9.2 is out
  • How to reveal password hidden as asterisk in Google Chrome

    As a web developer I have to manage many login details of  websites, web servers, email accounts etc. It’s hard to remember all these secure alphanumeric passwords.  In this post I will show a method to reveal password hidden as asterisk in Google Chrome.

    Google chrome saves the passwords and when you visit the login page it Auto fill login in login fields. Its great. But when you need to use the password on some other places, It’s not let you do. It hides password behind asterisk.

    To view the password either need to go to chrome://settings/passwords or use inspect element of Chrome build in developer tool.

    So, How to reveal the password easily?

    All you need to do is.. Install Password Revealer extension of chrome. Once installed, an icon will appear next to chrome search bar. Click on that icon when you are on login page and Boom!

    By using this method one can easily reveal password hidden behind asterisk.

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    adminHow to reveal password hidden as asterisk in Google Chrome
  • How to change hostname in Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus


    Hostname can be changed in Ubuntu 17.4  manually by editing this files

     /etc/hostname & /etc/hosts

    and then restarting Hostname Service by

    service hostname restart

    It sometimes produces errors like

    Failed to restart hostname.service: Unit hostname.service is masked.

    Best Method for new versions of Ubuntu is:

    sudo hostnamectl set-hostname NewHostName

    Its work very well and produces no error.

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    adminHow to change hostname in Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus
  • How to redirect a Web URL

    There are different methods to redirect a Web URL or Page to a different URL or Page. Redirection cab be done using HTML , JavaScript,  Apache or PHP.

    In this post we will look at all different ways.

    HTML redirect

    Using meta refresh tag of HTML.

     <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=''" />    

    PHP redirect

    Using PHP header function. Its sends a 302 redirect. Its must be used at top of page before any HTML tag or PHP code.

     <?php header('Location:'); ?> 

    JavaScript redirect

    window.location object can be used to redirect to any URL ot page.

     <script> window.location.replace(""); </script>

    jQuery redirect

     <script> $(location).attr('href', '') </script>

    Apache .htaccess redirect

     Redirect permanent /

    There are many ways to redirect in JavaScript and jQuery. There are most commonly used methods.

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    adminHow to redirect a Web URL
  • How to Autoplay a YouTube video in Iframe embed

    By Default a YouTube Iframe embed code don’t auto play a video  when embedded on a web page.

    It can be auto played by simply adding this URL parameter in URL of video.


    So, The iframe code for a YouTube video which auto play when embedded on a page is

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src=";autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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    adminHow to Autoplay a YouTube video in Iframe embed